Storied Yarns - A Yarn Quest Knitting RPG

Created by Tania C Richter

Yarn Quest needs you! Grab your knitting needles and join your fellow Yarn Questers in the quest to save Yarnia! What is Yarn Quest? Yarn Quest is one part knitting pattern, one part Role-Playing Game, and one part Choose Your Own Adventure. Each quest is a knitting pattern, and as the player leads their character through the quest they come across enemies to battle, choices to make, and items that all influence the patterns knitted on the project. That's what makes Yarn Quest so special - almost every project is unique. Storied Yarns is an introduction to Yarn Questing for those who have never played an RPG, and provides new patterns and play styles for those who have partaken in previous campaigns. The book will be a full color hardcover including tutorials, lore, patterns, and lots of artwork. There will be tutorials for how to play, along with tutorials for how to use the double knitting technique. Don't like double knitting? Can't knit, but like to crochet? There are plenty of methods to join in the fun! Questers have done previous projects in colorwork knitting and Tunisian crochet. There's no limit to what you can do!

Latest Updates from Our Project:

Lore Pattern Update I - Four Elements Dragon III - The Quiet Ones
11 days ago – Tue, Mar 24, 2020 at 10:50:53 PM

Good evening, Questers!

Tonight I have launched the first of the Lore quests - Four Elements Dragon III - The Quiet Ones. This is the final installation of the choose your own adventure stories that lay the grounds for the dragons that are the cornerstone of the Ainray religion. Instead of being an RPG style pattern (we'll get to those, fear not ;) ) this is a Choose your own adventure style pattern that creates a mix and match dragon. For those of you who want more options, it is compatible with Four Elements Dragon 1 and 2! If you would like to play along with others the link to the forum page is here -

For those of you who have never done a mystery knit along - Don't worry that the entire pattern isn't showing. You'll get a Clue once every other week with a story and a set of choices that will determine what you knit. I send out notifications through Ravelry, you should also get email notifications when the pattern is updated with new clues.

Please remember not to buy the pattern, and if I've somehow missed a message (spam caught a few/I missed a few) about you not receiving your code let me know and I'll get you one asap!

And onto a few other things. Covid is playing havoc with everything right now, so I'm going to focus on digital release of patterns. I was going to run down in April to pick up mugs but that plan has definitely changed. I have to avoid catching it as I already have serious lung issues, so I'm sequestered at home away from everyone and everything. I'll let you know more as we find out more, but for now please everyone stay safe and stay home to the best of your capabilities. And to those who can't stay home, the medical folx, retailers, delivery drivers, etc, thank you all for doing an amazing job! Without you we would be in very big trouble. 

Take care, stay safe, and watch Rav for the pattern updates!


First Pattern LIVE
about 2 months ago – Sun, Feb 09, 2020 at 10:17:24 PM

First off, please please please if you have backed any levels with the eBook through the Kickstarter or Backerkit do not purchase Battle Mode or the Storied Yarns eBook on Ravelry. I'm sending out coupon codes as soon as this update goes out so you should be seeing two emails from me this afternoon!

To redeem your coupon code - 

If you have issues with the process please don't hesitate to contact me!

There will also be a full PDF of the final version of the book emailed out to all backers at the levels that receive eBooks after the final book is sent off to print.

Okay, the tech issues I was talking about were getting all the emails and Ravelry codes set so that I could do a mass mailing. This will hopefully work, please keep an eye on your emails that you use for Kickstarter/Backerkit, check your spam, check your different folders, the usual. If you don't see a coupon code by the end of the day please message me on Kickstarter so I can send you your individual code. When redeemed you will receive the Battle Mode pattern and be signed up to receive new patterns as they are released in the eBook.

Now, this does not mean all of the patterns are live, I'm releasing the beta versions of the patterns sans illustrations serially over the next few months as I get things set for the physical book. I will also be releasing the lore sections, which importantly have the character development and roll information. 

Now, some more personal stuff. I want to thank all of you who have supported me. Your support means the world to me and is helping me through Storied Yarns. For those whose trust I have lost, I am truly sorry. The last year and a half have been awful for me between the tendonitis and nerve issues. The nerve issues in particular are bad. I can work for approximately 1 hour a day on knitting, typing, or art. That's it. If I go further then I can't do anything the next day. I've been told by my therapist that nerves regrow/heal at a rate of about 1 mm per day after the first 4 weeks. The surgery I underwent affected approximately 150 mm of nerve, so I am barely over the halfway mark of healing. I'm going to therapy every week and doing all my exercises so that I will be able to get back to normal, but it is taking a long time. My hand has atrophied from lack of use so typing and knitting coordination is off. My therapist has told me multiple times to stop pushing myself, so I have to be more careful so that my nerve actually heals. 

This isn't to make excuses. I've had some people complain that I'm not being transparent enough, so I want to make everything perfectly clear. I'm still here. I'm late on things because I physically can't work more, and I get depressed (yes, properly diagnosed and medicated depression that we're trying to work with) enough that I can't bring myself to say that sometimes. This project is my baby, and it will be done. 

All I can do at this point is ask for your patience. I'm still following the guidelines, and I'm still working on things. 

Also, on a final note, I don't have a "day job". Art and pattern design is my day job. I don't have something else to fall back on, like unemployment or medical leave. Due to serious and life-threatening medical reasons I can't work a regular job in the world. I have to release patterns on Ravelry to pay ongoing bills so I don't dip into KS money. As I said a few months ago, I have a stockpile of patterns that are premade and ready to go that I'm releasing as MKAL's. They don't require that much work.

Next update will be coming in March with the lore and worldbuilding, we'll see you then!


Big Update Next Week
2 months ago – Thu, Jan 30, 2020 at 07:33:36 PM

Hey all! Just about got all the logistics figured out, there'll be a big update next week! Sorry for the delay, sometimes technology is hard.

December update!
3 months ago – Fri, Dec 27, 2019 at 05:33:07 PM

Good afternoon, Backers!

It's time for the December updated~

First, I'm still in a bit of limbo. My left hand is pretty hobbled and I can't do much. I really wish that I had better news on that end and more to update. Still no art/knitting. However, once the holidays are over I'm going to finish figuring out the logistics behind sending out a great many messages that won't take me a week. My January post will focus on that. 

Next, rewards. I've been in touch with the purveyors of the mugs and have been working out the best way to get them up to me, as there are many and shipping has its own set of hazards so a physical trip might be in order. I'm also working on packaging up the rewards I have on hand so that they're easier to ship and won't get bumped around. 

The next update will be in January, when I start PT. If it turns out that the nerve won't settle, or the surgery failed, I will keep you all informed and start working on alternative plans.

Hope your holidays are great!


Post Surgery Update
5 months ago – Tue, Oct 29, 2019 at 01:56:56 AM

Hi all,

This will be a short update, I still can't type and Kickstarter's mobile site keeps eating updates.

I had surgery last Monday to deal with my ongoing nerve issues. My nerve had shifted and was constantly rubbing on my bone. I have six weeks before I'm allowed to do much of anything. I'm sorry for all the delays, but there's only so much pain i can work through. I'm also sorry about the lack of updates. In September i tried pushing myself harder and the pain got worse, and working on anything got harder. I hate not having great updates for you guys.

I'm sorry that there are going to be more delays. This is beyond my control. 

There will be no update in November, I won't have anything new. The nerve issue has taken over my life, and hopefully this surgery will have fixed it and things will be able to return to normal. I will let you all know more in December.

Releases on Ravelry will continue, i have a backlog of premade patterns I'm putting out. Please don't be upset with new releases, i have to pay for all the medical stuff and my normal bills. 

Have a good November, and I'll touch base with you all in December.