Storied Yarns - A Yarn Quest Knitting RPG

Created by Tania C Richter

Yarn Quest needs you! Grab your knitting needles and join your fellow Yarn Questers in the quest to save Yarnia! What is Yarn Quest? Yarn Quest is one part knitting pattern, one part Role-Playing Game, and one part Choose Your Own Adventure. Each quest is a knitting pattern, and as the player leads their character through the quest they come across enemies to battle, choices to make, and items that all influence the patterns knitted on the project. That's what makes Yarn Quest so special - almost every project is unique. Storied Yarns is an introduction to Yarn Questing for those who have never played an RPG, and provides new patterns and play styles for those who have partaken in previous campaigns. The book will be a full color hardcover including tutorials, lore, patterns, and lots of artwork. There will be tutorials for how to play, along with tutorials for how to use the double knitting technique. Don't like double knitting? Can't knit, but like to crochet? There are plenty of methods to join in the fun! Questers have done previous projects in colorwork knitting and Tunisian crochet. There's no limit to what you can do!

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